Cara Membuat Rawon Daging Yang Enak Banget

Cara Membuat Rawon Daging Yang Enak Banget - Starting speech by short men overweight, more like a clown but Luctes introduce that he is the owner of this circus. The dwarf man named Ring Master and the story of Luctes he who created the so-called 'unusual' in the circus performances. Each show seemed to me even more frightened not play, how not if the show like this ... what is this?

A beautiful girl named Lady sheep who sang melodious sadness to his voice, really beautiful girl with closed eyes with black cloth and a leg of lamb. The second is a handsome young man known as The Eternal who is good at creating and reading poetry, there is nothing strange glance but when all visitors wept as lyric poetry grief he plucked something out of his shirt.

An explosion and bullets came from the lips through his head, blood terkucur in the pit head. For a moment the handsome young man lying on the floor of the circus performances, did not move a few moments but the visitors struck back from the silence before the re-establishment of the handsome young man before. As if without any pain at all the young men left the stage again picked up the paper circus with his poem, crying back. I really do not understand what this stage.

Furthermore clown one body with two heads, two brains in one body ... magical. Clown, only that which is touted by the audience show. Head right side singing quite badly and when the head of the right are increasingly damaging the audience's ears with the sounds of chaos then immediately taken over by the head of the left-right difference with the head earlier. Head left melodious voice and good at singing jazz, made us all preoccupied with the song. Continues to show continued in front of me until they came to the main event.

A steel cage is installed in a circus arena, made me ask what would happen to the steel cage. A skinny kid into the cage with a bandage style dress mental patient, yes ... a tight jacket with hand mutually attracted to each other. Boy's face was somber and unsightly by anyone, why Ring Master put the child on the show end? There must be a reason not.


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