Cara Bikin Jajanan Khas Bandung Sehat dan Enak

Cara Bikin Jajanan Khas Bandung Sehat dan Enak - Know the contents of meatballs can complement a varied menu of fried food for a snack or a complement to the daily diet with rice. Baksonya certainly getting more and more delicious to eat together cocolan cayenne pepper or chili sauce.

Kind used in the know how to make meatballs out the contents must be diverse, such as tofu, tofu yellow, know pong, know sumedang or other types know. You should know in advance until crusted fried so not easily destroyed when inserting stuffing meatballs, in contrast to know sumedang and know pong are generally sold in a state that has been fried.

Once given stuffing, boiled or steamed meatballs know in advance so that the meat is cooked, then fried briefly just before serving so the more tasty and can be eaten while warm.

Preparation makes Know the contents of Meatballs
30 pieces out sumedang (4x4 cm) or know pong (just adjust the amount if tahunya smaller size)
275 grams of ground beef
275 grams of chicken meat grinded
2 leeks thinly sliced
1 onion diced small
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp sugar
150 grams of starch
1 egg
1800 ml of water to boil
the oil for frying

2 tsp pepper grains
1 teaspoon nutmeg
6 cloves of garlic

How to Make Tofu Fried Meatballs contents
Combine ground beef with minced chicken meat, along with spices, onions, leeks, salt, sugar, and eggs. Stir and knead by hand (use plastic gloves) so that the dough is well blended. Enter tapioca flour then stir again.
Once the dough is ready, then insert it into the idea that has split the middle using a small spoon. Meanwhile, boil the water for the preparation boil know meatballs after everything is completed given the contents.
Boil know meatballs in boiling water until cooked and float, then remove and drain. Once cool, fry briefly in hot oil before serving warm with cayenne pepper or chili sauce.


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