Kumpulan Masakan Ayam Goreng Sambal Ijo

Kumpulan Masakan Ayam Goreng Sambal Ijo - If a vacation to Bogor, surely many culinary always places I visited during a vacation in Bogor. Rain Bogor city is not only famous for its culinary souvenirs like pickled him. But this Bogor also has many culinary slang and tasty to serve as a place to hang out. One of my favorite places is a house located at Jalan Cupcake. Sanggabuana 4 - Taman Kencana, Bogor.

Cupcakes at Home, sweet not only cupcakesnya but the interior design of the building is sweet with the dominant colors of white and pink. in the window bernuasa pink and brick white variety of cupcakes, eclairs, chocolate and sweets and yuhuuu ready chosen you to take home, do not take home even in the House cupcake provides a place to enjoy a cupcake outdoor and indoor with lantern beautiful and seating Lesbian, add flavor comfortable when you are in this cafe and make you linger here while snacking beautiful.

CupCekes house presents a diverse menu cupcakes are ready to make you confused to choose cupcakes would you message. Call it a menu of cupcakes like blueberry cheese cake, stawberry, pickles, and triple chocolate. Moreover, here also provides a menu capcakes with a rare taste, that taste Cashew Buttercream (cashews) and the Black Forrest (blend of red cherry, chocolate, and cream). Delicacy and softness of texture cupcake every course managed to lure lovers of sweet and sticky foods.

In addition to cupcakes, cupcakes turned out house also provides a range of processed spices barbeue, homemade ice cream, cream coup, macaroon and refreshments are many variations. The price range for all menu available is US $ 4000- 50,000. So for you who are curious and confused to find a place to hang out in Bogor cool and comfortable, this could be a Cupcake house while you're on vacation recommendations to Bogor.


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